Cash On Delivery

Shopping Made Easy Now with Cash On Delivery

One of the typical queries that is often raised by customers while shopping online is how flexible will be the payment options. Whether one will be allowed to use his/her credit card or access one’s debit card to buy a product from any website, payment policies differ from one website to another. We have been dealing in innovative sex toys for quite some time and have therefore build a strong customer base in the process. A big reason has been our flexible payment policies through which a huge number of customers have find it convenient to buy our products. Apart from debit and credit cards, we also have a very ease mode of payment, known as Cash on Delivery.

Since we sell goods to different cities in India, we have kept it simple for the customers in all those locations to make payments with ease. Therefore, we have reserved the advantage for them to pay through cash for the product after it is delivered at their doorstep. To be more elaborate, we have this option accessible for our customers in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore and more. So, everyone living in his/her city can avail the COD mode.

Mumbai, for instance, is one of India’s biggest cities. But this doesn’t matter to us as wherever you are living in Mumbai, you can now choose to pay cash on delivery for buying any of the products from our store. The same goes with people living in Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore and the other cities. No matter which product you buy from us, we will simply get it delivered at your given address and then you can pay the amount in cash with no hurries and worries. This would also be quite convenient for those who do not prefer making direct payments online.

The procedure of choosing the option of COD is quite simple. Once you start exploring our website, you can browse the categories of products as per your choice. In this process, you can choose your preferred product and proceed towards payment. The COD option will be shown on which you have to click and place the order. Once done, you can move out of the site. Just what you need to remember is that COD is acceptable up to a shopping of Rs 40,000.

After your order is placed successfully, we will start monitoring the product/products to ensure that the delivery takes place without any issue. You will get your product packed in a standard box with your contact details. After you have received the product, you can make the payment to our delivery representative. He will receive the cash and provide you a printed receipt. So wherever you are in whatever city, place the order for your product through COD and make your payment without any hassle.

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