Pretty Love 30 function Vibration Male Stroker Cup MS-030
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Pretty Love 30 function Vibration Male Stroker Cup MS-030

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Product: Pretty Love 30 function Vibration Male Stroker Cup MS-030

Function: Stay engrossed into making your genitals stimulate with this Pretty Love 30 function Vibration Male Stroker Cup. With a trendy colour combination of black and purple, it is made of premium quality silicone.This keeps the skin free of complications and quite flexible to use as well. It is extremely light in weightand also quite compact in size.Besides, it is not only waterproof but also splashproof.

Material: Plastic and Silicone (inside)

Colour: Black and Purple

Size: 242 x 130 mm

Special feature: Splash-proof and waterproof

750 lb
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